Dealing with family over the holidays

As the saying goes, holidays are a time for family, and sometimes the get-togethers can be extremely stressful. I think most people have a few less-than-favorite relatives that aren't easy to deal with.

Some people just do not think about others feelings before they speak, and/or they do not care if they are rude or downright mean. These people can be especially hard to deal with, but, just remember a few things and the hurt will go back on them instead of onto you.

Always dating the wrong guy? This may be why

So, you are in a relationship with a guy and for whatever reason, you feel like it just isn't working out. It's not you though, the problems are on his end (at least that is how you feel). He is just not as caring and understanding as you had hoped, or he has different ideas than you and is not willing to compromise. Why is it that you always seem to end up with the wrong guy?