How to tell if your husband is cheating - here's my take

How to know if your husband is cheating? I've been doing some reading on this topic and I want to add my two cents since I don't buy into everything they have to say. Here's what they say: - Watch how he talks. If he seems to be talking differently than usual, it can be a sign of untruthfulness. - Specific statements will tell you if he is lying. If he says "you think I'm lying", that means that he is. If he says "you don't believe me but I'm telling the truth", means that he is being truthful. - Belly button rule - If his belly button is not facing you when he is lying about cheating, it indicates that he wants to turn away from you and so you know he is lying. - Watch his emotional reactions when confronted - If he is defensive, mad, or flies off the handle, he is probably lying and is cheating on you. All these articles talk about ways to see if he is lying, watch his movements, etc., but, this is what you REALLY need to do and this way you will also find out for sure, with NO guessing: Here's what I say: - Follow him, when you think he is going to some business dinner or whatever, check up on him. If at all possibly, take photos or videos, especially if you think he will deny it. - Hire a private investigator, if you can afford it. No explanation needed. - Check his phone records - this is A BIG one, especially if you are suspicious about a phone call, ask him who it was, and note the time, then check his phone records. - Check his actual phone & look for texts. This is pretty much the best bet. Sometimes it isn't easy to gain secret access to his phone, but, you may just need to wait until he is asleep. - Watch what he is wearing. Does he always wear cologne when he is going to be hanging out with guys or people from work? Is he dressing nicer than he normally would? - Give oral when he gets home. I don't know if this really tells you anything, but, he may be apprehensive if he hasn't showered yet after cheating on you. Feel free to share your own ideas, experiences, opinions & advice... links -


looking at his phone is how I confirmed it. some good advice tho.

Go get checked for STD's & HPV, it happens quite often.

most guys delete stuff off their phones, they aren't stupid...

ha ha - good post! and to the point!

There is actually a little good information here. I like the whole belly button thing. I can remember hearing from a nurse how there are so many women who would go to the Dr. and find out that they had contracted HPV from their husband and hadn't had a clue that he was cheating on them before that. So sad, but I think many women just blow off any warnings because they would rather live in denial.

hahaha, I cant believe this crap is on here. Antigo I do not believe would put this crap on the BUZZ. Also, my husband does not have a cell phone, so im all good there. ;) Really now, come on.

What are you talking about Ambrosa? Anyone can post on here, you just sign up for a free account to do it. What does antigo have to do with it?

If You want to complain about something...Post Your Own Blog. Hes trying to be Helpful. I enjoy His posts...some are humorous.

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