Always dating the wrong guy? This may be why

So, you are in a relationship with a guy and for whatever reason, you feel like it just isn't working out. It's not you though, the problems are on his end (at least that is how you feel). He is just not as caring and understanding as you had hoped, or he has different ideas than you and is not willing to compromise. Why is it that you always seem to end up with the wrong guy?

Well, in order to answer that question, you need to really look in the mirror and study that reflection and its past. Most women form their ideas of men based on the relationship that they have or had with their own father. So, think hard about how your Dad influenced you when you were young. Was he gone a lot? Did he disrespect your mother? Was he abusive? Did he lack in communication with you? Did he voice his feelings or was he quiet?

All of these things will have an affect on how you view men and what traits you generally feel attracted to. So, in order to find what you want in a man, you need to deal with the issues that you had with your father. You need to let go of all the problem issues that caused you pain and hurt before. Figure out what to avoid, and stick to it.

For example, if you Dad was gone a lot, or maybe you didn't have a father-figure at all, then you should be looking for a guy who has a local job, doesn't travel a lot, isn't a workaholic, etc. Unless, of course, it works for you, but chances are that you felt abandonded by your Dad, so you do not want to repeat that feeling with your man.

Some women get lucky and find a guy who has some traits that their father had, but, also have the good traits that were missing.

Remember this also, it doesn't matter what your best friend or sister or co-worker thinks of your guy, they are not the one who is with him, so if you are happy, be happy and forget about the others.

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