Should You Consider a Divorce?

With all the marriage tips and advice about relationships out there, I thought I would take a different approach and talk about some issues that may just end better with a divorce.

After being married for awhile, the spark tends to fade, as anyone in that situation knows, BUT, if you are truly trying to make it work and putting in a real effort to stay together and he isn't, it may be a marriage-ender.

The first thing to do is try to talk it over, without being over agressive, but letting him know that you need or want more attention and closeness. If he is not willing to make that effort, he may never be willing and that says a lot about his true feelings for you. On the other hand, by communcating and you putting forth an extra effort also, it can respark that closeness that you were missing and make you both much happier.

So many times, women tend to think that their husbands know what they want and how they feel, especially after a long time together. Communication can literally save a marriage and lack of it can end one.

A couple that I once knew and admired for many years due to their seemingly wonderful marriage had told me that they were considering divorce, needless to say, I was shocked. After talking to them both, their relationship had fallen to the wayside mostly over problems with their grown children.

I asked them both if they remembered things that they had done when they first met and were younger and why they fell in love in the first place? It was something that I had done in my own marriage to try to help myself, which it did.

I ran into the couple about six months later to find them still together and happier than ever. The advice I had given them may have saved their marriage.

Many people are just unable to do that and it takes a lot of love to really try. As time goes on in a relationship, you must work at it and if either of you are not willing, you may fall out of love and never get it back.

Sometimes people do just grow apart and they can't find what they once had or they realize they just didn't care as much as they thought. If you are not willing to put an effort in or he isn't willing, then you might just be better off divorcing and saving yourselves the wasted time.


I can tell u put alot of thought into this, good job! Very well put. Thanks

I agree. Well written. Thanks for the tips...I know a few People that are 1 step away from calling it quits. I will run this past Them. *keep Your fingers crossed*lol

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